A photo at any cost?

As a wedding photographer you want to do the best for your couples and when the opportunity presents itself you want to go that extra mile to get that image that’s a little different. Beautiful lighting perhaps. A perfect reflection. Or a unique viewpoint. But how far would you go? Indian wedding photographer Vishnu Whitera, based in Kochi in India’s coastal Kerala state, was photographing newlyweds Shaiz and Navya when he climbed up a tree, wrapped his knees around a branch and dangled from it looking straight down at the loving couple.

 A lovely shot. But I’m not sure if I would go quite as far. With my luck the branch would snap and I’d end up falling on the couple. It isn’t the first time Vishnu has climbed trees for that perfect shot and he has been know to climb into the rafters of buildings. Seems he is not alone. Here is another Indian wedding photographer up a telegraph pole and a couple of brave souls taking a risk.

This reminds me of the work of American wedding photographer Jay Philbrick who takes wedding photos of couples on a cliff face 350 feet off the ground. “I don’t really have to twist any arms to get models or subjects into the locations I’m interested in”, Jay said in an interview. “We are sort of known for this kind of photography, so many come to us looking for something different”. Not me, I afraid. I get giddy standing up.



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